Borujen synoptic station
This is in Borujen, which is one of chaharmahal va bakhtiary province. (longitude 51, 18' East) and (latitude 32 North). it is 2197 meters height form the sea. It is including a period of 15 years till 1988.
The data on this station are including wind (direction and speed), pressure (QFF, QFE), relative humidity, precipitation (kind quantity and height), cloud (amount of sky covering, height - kind and name), temperature ( dry, wet, max and min ) and temperature in the deep of the soil. Hours of sun shine , amount of evaporation, the present meteor in atmosphere and horizontal sight. This information’s by the method of switching system are sending to all parts of the world.
The brevity name of Borujen station is CHSB that is it's international name and is restricted to this station. This place has got an international restricted number (99459).
beside this station at the sight of region are semi humid and average summer and very cold winter. Amount of freezing days during this period (1988-2002) is equal to 122 days. The min temperature of this station in the period reaches to -27 degrees centigrade. The max absolute temperature , reaches to 36.6 degrees centigrade. Annual precipitation is 243 mm. and has two dry and wet seasons. The dry season starts from Jun till Sep and the wet season starts from Oct and continue to May. Totally, winter precipitation is going to be about 44 percent and autumn raining 32 percent and spring 24 percent and summer about 1 percent of the year.
Tel: (382) 4223500
Address: Borujen. End of Shohada st. the beginning of Shahrak Fatemieh.
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